you said “the fact the climate models have a perfect 100% failure rate…”
Graham Skelly

You don’t really read for comprehension do you? Until you are willing to actually address the facts I offered I will no longer entertain your comments. All you do is dodge and play stupid, and I do not play those kinds of childish games.

I skimmed your post, but it was way too long winded and pure filler and as I already said, when the soup is weak, you need a lot of it, a wall of words does not erase the perfect 100% failure rate of all the climate models to date. It does not change the fact that each and every theory has been proven wrong.

Co2 has been proven to be like a blanket on your bed. You add one or two blankets and you get added heat retention and more warmth under those blankets, but as you add more blankets you get a little less added heat retention until you reach a point that no matter how many blankets you add, you get no added heat.

Now unless you decide to address the fact the climate models have a perfect 100% failure rate and that all of the early predictions of massive heat increases and flooding if we passed 360 ppm of Co2 we are done, if you post more dodging and lies I will simply repost this comment and ignore anything else you say, my time is too valuable to waste it on dishonest people like you.

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