Semantics; yours is a stupid point, whether the President-Elect “forced” foreign delegates to stay…
Shawn Schmid

You either lied or you told the truth, it is you who wants to play semantics and not admit you lied. That says a lot about your character as a human being.

If you bothered to read my comment you would see I said BLM has some good points, but they muddy the water with some of their people chanting about killing cops and embracing horrible people like Michael Brown as poster children.

What they should do is sever ties to the radicals calling for dead cops and not include the bad examples like Brown.

Consider this, even though Trump’s campaign said the racist groups deserved a bullet Liberals still try to claim Trump is bad because the groups endorse him and his campaign. So why can’t the BLM people see how bad it makes them look when they do not distance themselves from those who call for killing cops? To me it just says they actually do agree with those who call for dead cops.

But the real thing that should be concerning you guys is the Black on Black crime/murder. You get all worked up over a couple cop shootings that usually end up with the cop being proven right but Chicago hitting 500 homicides by Labor day this year, mostly blacks, and you don’t care, none of you care. The Grandson of a Democrat House member was just shot and killed over his shoes in Chicago, is BLM trying to do something about that?

Chicago has seen a 55% increase in murders in Chicago this year over last, numbers not seen sense the 1990’s. But concentrate on a couple police shootings, I am sure that will make everything all better in the Black community, if nothing else a good distraction to keep their minds off the real problems.