Exactly. You are charged for how much you use, not what you use it for.
Tim Carpenter

Exactly. You are charged for how much you use, not what you use it for.

You failed to read for comprehension.

I clearly stated I am charged for two different things when /I use electricity, the wattage and the peek daily use.

Being as you seem to not understand what this means (most likely because you have zero business knowledge) let me break this down for you and we also see similar complexities for other utilities so this will possibly help you understand this issue better.

When you use electricity in the business world you are not just charged “X” per kilowatt. The intensity of your use during peek usage times will cost you more than your usage during off peek times. So if you use a lot of electricity during the day when the rates for use are the highest, you get charged a higher rate than if you use the exact same amount of electricity of peek use say 8pm on a Saturday.

So this is exactly proving you wrong, business has always paid more for how they use utilities and when. It all depends on the situation. I have a close friend who earns a lot of his money as a welder, he does most of his welding at night because he pays 26% less for electricity at night than he does during the day.

Now, as to content, you can certainly not debate the fact that some content uses up more bandwidth than others now can you? That bandwidth has a cost does it not?

Let’s say comparing Netflix to Spotify. Both are very popular internet based entertainment content providers but one gobbles up about a million times more Internet bandwidth all over the world than the other. So should internet companies be concerned with the rise and impact on their bandwidth capacity that Netflix represents? I would say yes.

I am still not sure where your complaint is?

What exactly do you believe you will no longer have access to? Even if some segments of the internet get slower it is all percentages, did you know that with the right settings and browser you can still do all the basic things on the internet on dialup?

Yes dialup, I have a good friend who is one of those guys who can repair a broken motherboard, he has built some of the most crazy computers and just for giggles he built an old DX4-120 based computer (you are most likely too young to know what that is, lol) with a dial up modem and windows 3.1 and we surfed the internet for over 2 hours visiting most of the basic sites people would want to go to other than those with security protocols (like banking) we needed more modern tools for.

Worked fine, checked my emails, read a few news feeds, etc all a little slower but still possible.

So where exactly do you believe will be hurt by less speed? Unless you are streaming 4K video your internet connection does not need to be all that fast. So be specific, what is your exact fear you will lose? Be detailed.

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