Ah, no it is not his policy.

Ah, no it is not his policy. His policy is still to prevent as many people from entering as he possibly can whether or not it is legal.

You guys love to- make those kinds of claims but there is simply no support for it, and an actual policy is one written down, and as I just pointed out, the written policy is very clear.

The SC decision specifically included family members and then drumpf’s people defined “family” to be as small a cohort as they thought they could get away with. They don’t even include grandparents or in-laws. So sorry, but your post is more than a bit misguided.

The Supreme Court tossed out the block because they clearly saw this as the purview of the President, not the courts. If the Courts wanted to define “family” they would have.

Most experts I have seen believe the Court is going to try and address the way these lower courts are abusing these wide sweeping rulings. There was simply never any reason to block Trump’s order and certainly no excuse for the block to stand on appeal, Judges are ignoring the law to push political agendas.

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