You say “…you attempted to make claim that there is only a religious argument for any stage of…
Rick Fischer

You keep dodging, you were proven wrong with pure science, now you are floundering with political based commentary about “full human status” and such where there is no such thing in science, you are a liar. You create these terms out of thin air, you use them for the exact same reason people always come up with excuses to kill life they do not value.

The fact you are behaving so childish to the point you can’t even admit you were proven wrong is telling.

Now we can certainly debate the merits of killing human life, but human life it is, we do not just magically appear out of thin air, all stages of human life is in fact human life. Scientifically and morally. I do agree that each of us have to make our own values based determinations on how much importance we place on individual lives and certainly the current condition of that human life is a factor in that assessment, but attempting to claim a human life is not a human life just to make it easier on your to kill it is simply the same mindset used by Germans who were not killing humans, they were only killing Jews ……..

It seems pretty clear you place no value to human life prior to birth, and that is certainly your choice and I do not have any issue with your decision on that point, but my own issue is when you attempt to play semantics about what is or is not a stage of human existence. Human life starts the moment of conception, no fertilized eggs, no human beings.

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