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You know, with all the claims of Democrats to want to take money out of politics, why is it they are always spending 5 times more than anyone else? And much worse, usually losing anyway?

In this case, the Democrat in the race only has about 3% of his funds from local people and business, all the rest of his campaign funds come from california and New York, all large special interest and establishment Democrats doing everything in their power to BUY this election and install their puppet into the seat.

Democrats have dumped so much money into the State race that they have transformed this deat into the most expensive House seat race in American history.

Money, money, money.

I just wonder how long this massive flood of money will last? If they lose this election one would think those deep pocketed Democrats would have to stop and consider how wise it is to waste all that money and just keep losing? Bit then again, if they were overly bright, they would not be dumping any money into the hands of Democrats, lol.

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