I agree with everything you’re saying!
Buster Benson

I agree with everything you’re saying! I’m honestly just confused about where you are getting to some of your conclusions about my personality and intentions —

You mean how you claimed I was posting pure emotions when every word was pure fast? Interesting you take issue with me pointing out your choice of words and discussion framing and counter with saying I am all emotional, lol.

As I tell people with news stories, it is more important to point out what a writer intentionally refuses to cover than what they do. A great deal of manipulation can happen based on the writers intent.

but I want to understand them better! As far as I know, nothing in my post was talking about regulations or restricting guns, and I mostly focused on the idea that legislation (either adding or removing it) might be a way to frame the idea of reducing violence. I am in many ways arguing for the exact same thing you are, an honest, outcomes-driven approach to gun violence. Let’s push aside the bullshit and get straight to the issues! I definitely feel that same urgency and interest coming from you. Am I right?

That is not how you said it though, and I was just pointing out your word and framing choices. Many times we as humans have out own biases we may not even know we have. We betray our biases through the way we talk and the words we use and the words we do not use such as you never directly stating how much gun violence is conducted by criminals and as our larger problem should be the priority.

Nobody wants to make the larger problem the priority. They want to nitpick around the edges and play politics with it but not really address it.

I think you’re right that there’s a lot of evidence that a majority of homicides come from illegally obtained guns, for example. And that suicide and homicide are two very different things lumped under the topic of guns. And that many of us liberals are a bit annoying because we get off track so easily and focus on the wrong solutions all the time, just to make it seem like we’re doing “something”.

And lie, Liberals lie all the time like claiming softer laws in neighboring areas is why criminals get guns, this is simply not true as long as they are reporting their crimes. A felon in Chicago is still a felon in all other States and can’t legally purchase a gun. Gun shows, we have not had any of the famous shootings caused by hun shows but again this is a darling of the left always harping on gun shows for purely partisan politics without any actual reason to do so. Background checks again have not been shown to be the cause of any mass shootings (only thing close was Government not properly reporting information to the system, not the system itself) but each time there is a mass shooting the left is squeaking about background checks.

Everything the left is talking about has no real impact on the gun violence debate.

I haven’t proposed any solutions. Just a desire to talk and learn. I think many people are approaching a complicated problem with simplistic answers, on both sides… some appreciation for the gap between our simplistic model, and reality, is definitely in order.

The first step is to properly identify the actual problems, but the left is only interested in playing games and “optics”. When someone on the left can admit that law abiding citizens are not really the problem, at least not anywhere near the top of the list for consideration, at that point we may be capable of finding solutions but we are a long way off from that point.

Help me understand your take and position on this. I want to understand where you’re coming from, and I want to listen to the points you feel have fallen on deaf ears especially from liberals like myself.

I have already pointed out the largest issue and where I am coming from, I will happily expand on that if you ask, but so far you have only responded with claiming my comments are emotion based and dodging specifics I mention, you do not seem very interested to me, lol.

What’s your intention with this conversation? Is it to educate me? If so, I want to listen. Is it to lash out at me? If so, feel free… I don’t mind. Or is it to perhaps connect with me on some shared level and to find a worthy conversational opportunity to discuss heated topics in a world where we’re feeling increasingly distant and polarized from one another?
What’s your story? What do you want to know about mine?

As I said at first, I would have considered being involved in your group but the way you were framing it seemed to be not really taking the conversation seriously from a solutions stand versus a “lets pass more laws’ stand.

Do you want to fix the larger problems of gun related violence or you you want to do “something” for the sake of doing “something” ?

All we have seen from the left is kabuki theater. They trot out dead babies for what they believe will give them political power and then they push for new laws that have absolutely nothing to do with why those angels are dead.

For example the famous background check bill that dies in Washington after the Sandy Hook shootings. It was just a trojan horse designed to allow the Federal Government to start keeping lists of gun owners. Once this fact was made clear, even a bunch of Democrats ran away from it and it died. They could have passed a “clean” background check bill, but Democrats were not interested in a clean bill so all interest died.

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So my question for anyone who wants to talk about gun violence is, what do you consider to be the real problem and if you are talking about the occasional mentally ill person then I know you are not taking the issue seriously, you are just watching the media as they manipulate your emotions or listening to the left who are brainwashing you.

It is so frustrating to tell the truth to see normally intelligent people get all upset over 17 kids and teachers being killed in a recent school shooting but they do not bat an eye over the consistent deaths of children and adults on the streets of our cities, heck most of the time those deaths do not even make it into the local news much less the National news.

Why? Why is it kids walking to school or playing in a park being shot at higher levels does not get the kind of outrage the Parkland got? At least in Parkland we know the FBI was warned and they did nothing to even try to stop it and we know the guy had a long history of mental illness and disturbing behaviors. most of these sensational shootings has a common factor of severe mental illness so there is almost nothing that can be done to prevent them unless you can figure out how to get mental health workers to report more people for possible harms to society and Liberals do not seem interested in that either.

So why do we not care about street violence? Is it because Liberals are racists and simply do not care if people of color are killing themselves?


Or is it because they know any large scale attempts at disarming the inner cities will hurt them politically like stop-and-search was such a political hot potato? No matter how many illegal firearms stop-and-search took off the streets, the optics was more important than the results.

So do you want to have a productive discussion on actual gun violence or not?

Well to start out any productive discussion you have to start out with the facts, start out with the real problems, prioritize the biggest issues and focus down on those larger issues if you ever want to really help fix the problems.