I have watched this occurrence from different angles.
Katie Willis

You seem to live in a dream world devoid of understanding that sometimes things do not work flawlessly.

I have been put off two flights myself, never took it personally and at no time thought it would be a good idea to throw a temper tantrum and fight with security, what kind of idiot does that?

So in the real world where human beings make mistakes you do not see to see, how about answering my question? It is too late to close the barn doors after the horse has already got out, you have to deal with the situation as it is so the mistake was made, too many people are on the flight, so what do you do?

Nobody wanted the money, they already offered many times the ticket price and another flight and nobody wanted it, they can;’t just sit there for 3 hours having a bidding war with the passengers. They offer a fair cash settlement and if people do not take it they use the lottery, these are all things you agree to when you buy the ticket in the first place.

If you watch the videos you see his head never actually hit anything, that is his arm. What happened is he tried to hold onto the seat to keep them from removing him, his scream was fake designed to generate pity, and his going completely limp to force them to drag him off was fake too. They should have done the chest rub to expose him as a faker (where you use your knuckles on the sternum to generate enough pain to make them react, a doctor showed me that, lol).

He lost his grip as they were pulling him up so he did propel out of his seat a little but he did not hit his head, that is very clear in one of the videos. And remember, he re-entered the plane later when others gave up their seat so he could get back on. Suddenly he is okay and walking fine, if he was just knocked out with a severe head impact he would not be getting back on the plane.

I do blame this man, why force it to become physical? They told him to depart and any reasonable person would depart.