you are just buying into the propaganda.
grendel chagrin

You speak of propaganda and then claim the people of North Korea live in a Utopia? Just how brainwashed are you?

There are countless numbers of investigative reports done by people who put their lives on the line to get the information concerning how horrible things are in North Korea, all those people putting their lives on the line are telling lies in your opinion?

You know North Korea is so great and all the rest of the thinking world is wrong? Even China who has blindly defended North Korea for generations is now starting to admit to the mental instability of North Korea but you, you think even China is telling lies now?

How about the missile shot over Japan? Japan who has never done a single thing against North Korea, they deserve to have missiles shot at them? All the fear of millions of Japanese people felt was okay? They deserved that?

Maybe you should go educate yourself on the facts before speaking so you don’t look so stupid?