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Your “clarification” has no relationship to your first question.

Not taking any shit is when people give you a difficult time when you do not deserve it, in your example you were an inattentive driver who tried to cause an accident, it was your fault and you deserved the shit you received.

Not giving a shit means yo-u do not care about anything, in your example it would mean you just kept on changing lanes and forced the other car to avoid your vehicle swerving into their lane. Not giving a shit would also be you not caring if you get flipped off or honked at, you just do what you do and ignore anyone else.

Trump clearly does give a shit, why else would anyone at his level of comfort and wealth subject himself to the level of ab use he receives every single day and the massive loss of income just to serve this Nation, he is certainly not enriching himself as the uneducated left tries to claim, more people now avoid his businesses because he is President than who turn to them. His time and energy is spent doing the work of America, not working on new deals for himself, these 4 years will cots him billions of dollars in lost opportunities.

What is the line between “not taking any shit” and being reflective on how your decisions and actions might affect people in ways you never considered?

As I said before, the two have nothing to do with each other, but if we had to draw that line to serve your fantasy we would have to say it was caring. In one the person cares and the other the person does not care.

What is the line between “not taking any shit” and being a grown ass man who can handle criticism in an adult and professional manner, to come up with consensus solutions to very complex issues?

So now you are mixing several other un related ideas and concepts, as I pointed out to you several times now, Obama routinely went it alone and made massive changes without consensus so based on your own definition Obama was the Dictator, not Trump.

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Now this is the second time I have responded to your points and you have dodged mine, why are you so scared of facts that prove your assertions wrong?

Stop dodging, engage my points or run away like a coward, if you respond again without responding to my points I will not read it and just repost this summary:

  1. Your definition of dictator seems to describe Obama, not Trump, his sequester, Obamacare, the hundreds of thousands of regulation changes to go around Congress, even his amnesty program that he said for 6 years he could not do but then suddenly did it anyway after a massive loss in the midterms.
  2. Trump has invited the Democrat leadership to be fully involved in all his legislative measures, Obama excluded Republicans from his, can you not see that difference? Trump just did a meeting where he showed empty seats where the Democrats flat refused to join for partisan political reasons.

Care to stop dodging and address these facts?

Have a nice day :)

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