My dad was my hero, my world my everything. I was the luckest girl in the world, I loved my dad so much could never imagine life without him. When i was 9 my whole world ended he died. He had gone and gone forever. It seemed that I had no care left in the world for anything or anyone expect for the love of food.

Food was my new founded love, the only thing that I found comfort in. The thing that gave me great satisfaction, it never let me down was there when I needed it, there when I needed my pick me up. To say the least with food cane weight gain, with weight gain came the bulling. My childhood became dark and miserable. From now on the scales kept moving up , by the age of 13 I was 15stone and in a size 18 clothes.

It didnt stop me from eating I kept going and going untill the bleak age of 32. Size 22 and 20 stone. My husband had given me an ultimatum loose weight or he left. I could not bear the thought of loosing someone else so special to me and dieting I couldnt stick to. It never worked as I didnt have the will power to stick to it.

I had discussed options with a surgeon abd decided I would go and have a gastric band, this would be costly for me £5k. This is a scarifice I needed to make, so for 6 months I saved hard. I bookee my surgery for 21/5/16 but didnt realise what the road ahead had in store for us.

So 2 weeks before surgery I had to start a pre op diet. My god this was the hardest thing I had ever done. I was hungry all the time my stomach hurt through hunger. My daily allowance consistes of 100g of white fish or chicken, 2 eggs, cabbage sprouts or brocoli. 3 sugar free jelly 1 small kids apple 1 small satsuma and 1/2 a fun sized banana. 1 was only allowed to eat twice a day and drink only water or black tea or coffee. First of all I was addicted to coffee. I drank up to 15 cuos a day, secondly WTF !!!!!.

So it began I would eat the apple orange and jelly for breakfast, the I would take the fish for lunch with the greens and then the chicken and greens for evening meal. This was the hardest diet I had ever done, but knowing that I had paid £5k and would loose every penny if my liver hadnt shrunk enough to have the surgery was my drive to get it done.

21st May had arrived and I was off to surgery today. Arrived at Dolan Park in Bromsgrove for 7am. I was excited no nerves had kicked in. Got myself checked in and got myself checked out , bloods and vitals. Now i just had to wait untill my slot in theatre had come free.

11.30am they came to get me, I walked into theatre and lay on the bed. Now my nerves overtook me. Never had I been in theatre, never had I had an operation. What if I died on the table, all these thoughts going through my head. So many nurses and doctors in the room. Why??? So many questions in my head and then boom no more thoughts I out cold and being opened up.

I woke up with my husband by my side and fell back to sleep. Next time I woke up my family were in the room. All had gone well. It was done. My new tool in place to help me achieve my new body. The start of a new life for me and my husband.