Notting Dale — a history

Jill Pack
Jill Pack
Jun 18, 2017 · 25 min read
Kenley Street 1904 Opening of refurbished homes by the Mayor & Mayoress of Kensington.

A view of Victorian London’s poor through Charles Booth’s survey of London and, in particular, the ‘General Remarks’ from George Duckworth’s Walk in Notting Dale February 1, 1899[1]

[42] The ‘new law’ was probably the 1895 interpretation of a subsection of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 that ruled that “that any prostitute living with another prostitute would be guilty of keeping a ‘brothel’” and therefore subject to up to three months hard labour see Laite, J., Paying the price again: prostitution policy in historical perspective, History and Policy Group website, (accessed 7 December 2010)

A hand-drawn map from the Charles Booth notebook 1899

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