How to pay for it?
Martin Bond

Gee some would say they worked for th compensation/money they receive.

And the IRS says that the top 10% of tax payers pay 70% of all Federal Income Taxes.

The question is why do the people in the bottom 50% paying no Fedral Income Taxes feel they have a right to money they do not earn.

The UBI is an extremely wasteful form of forced charity. Helping the small minority of people who can’t help themselves doesn’t cost much. Giving an unconditional grant to every citizen wastes an enormous amount of money.

A question if you raise my taxes, why would I work harder longer hours for the government to take more? With the taxes lvied via the ACA i canned 7 employees now work my business by myself. Next up I close the business and give the IRS the middle finger and pay even less in taxs.

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