Thin plastic housings with super thin circuit boards you can easily break with your fingers, one…
Louis Weeks

It’s a rather amazing to see it in person. Had a Hover upright with a plastic housing several years ago. the vibration destroyed the housing as the brush was no longer stable. I went to the vacuum store and wanted to buy a new housing. 200 bucks. I bought a new upright for 100 bucks. Kept the old one for parts until the new one was inoperable. Recycled both.

2TB drive, and think a few years ago 250GB was a big drive and now you can get 250 GB flash drives for nothing.

I installed SSD’s in both laptops, it does extend the life of the computer as it is by far faster and they are durable. Dropped my laptop on concrete and it fired right up. A standard drive would have been trashed but they are cheap. The upgrade in OS’s make the processors obsolete as they do not have the processing power for the new fatware put out by manfacturers.

And you are correct, it’s cheaper to buy new electronics than repair most that are out there.