Citation Games By the United Nations’ #CyberViolence
Jaime Bravo

Brilliant review of yet another “Not Ready for Prime Time” UN agency.

I used to think the John Birch Society was way over the top with their “Get US out of the UN” roadside billboards, but the foolishness typical of many United Nations agencies is scary specifically because it becomes woven into treaties which have the force of law for all members of the United Nations.

Now that the United Kingdom has shown us the heavens won’t fall if a nation secedes from an international bureaucratic empire, perhaps it’s time for many countries to look long and hard at the costs and benefits of membership in the United Nations.

That might be a valuable signal to the United Nations bureaucracy to insist its member agencies be at least as careful in making policy statements which affect seven billion people as college undergraduates are required to be in writing research papers.

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