Jean Lafitte deplores the systematic trashing of Republicans in general, yet never asked himself…
Robert Fox

Jean Lafitte deplores the systematic trashing of Republicans in general, yet never asked himself could the actions of those Republicans have helped create that trashing.
Yes, it could. There has been, for a long time, a systematic trashing of Hillary. People who post things on social commentary actually write long lists of people she has supposedly killed, usually with Vince Foster at the head of the list. The various Whitewater investigations go on forever, and more are surely in the works. These investigations have one purpose: to trash Hillary and her husband.

Robert Fox is quick to absolve Hillary Clinton of any role in her own current predicament.

He’s ignoring the prosecution and persecution of John Deutch, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in her husband’s first term as President, for stating to Congress in sworn testimony that the threat from Iraq had not abated in Bill Clinton’s first term as President, and was unlikely to do so. This has been described by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show as the closest previous parallel to Hillary Clinton’s investigation for mishandling classified information.

Deutch was not only fired as Director of Central Intelligence after that, but investigated several times for violating security regulations by bringing classified information from his former office to his home in a cooperative effort with the new DCIA to reclassify or declassify some of that information. The CIA’s own security people failed to find cause for charges. So, initially, did FBI investigators. Attorney-General Janet Reno persisted in trying to find charges to try Deutch.

At the last minute before his Justice Department was to file formal charges against Deutch, Bill Clinton pardoned John Deutch — but not until after a four-year ordeal demonstrating Bill and Hillary Clinton’s capacity for vindictive conduct and abuse of the very security guidelines Hillary Clinton herself broke while US Secretary of State.

It’s been said there are two sets of laws-one for the politically powerful, one for everyone else- and this is the proof. It’s only one of several ways in which Hillary Clinton broke rules the rest of us are supposed to obey, in which diaphanous distinctions such as money from foreign governments going to her “family foundation” instead into her own personal bank account as held by her party as excusing pretty obvious conflicts of interest while she was Secretary of State.

When Imelda Marcos, wife of Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos, took money this way, “for charity,” no one was fooled. But we’re supposed to pretend that when suddenly other nations feel the urge to pay millions to the Clinton Foundation for charity, it’s just charity. Either the American people’s intelligence is massively being insulted, or the Democratic Party hasn’t very much intelligence of its own in this pathetic pretense.

If much of the mass media in this country weren’t actively colluding with the Democratic National Committee, more voters of good will would have walked away from the Clinton campaign and supported Bernie Sanders and Mike O’Malley, who at least hadn’t had their hands out to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other unsavory nations whose policies create endless trouble for America and her allies.

For the working press, this is truly odd. Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson has observed that the Obama adminstration is not only the most secretive White House in recent decades, but that it has investigated journalists criminally for pursuing leaks of information from our government over twice as often as any other administration in US history.

I personally don’t care for either of the candidates in this race. I just know the one I care for least. And it hasn’t anything to do with a right-wing narrative — I’m a libertarian. Just not a stupid one; I realize that a vote for my own party’s candidate this year helps elect one of the most provably corrupt people from one of the most provably corrupt political parties (a record going back at least as far as Boss Tweed’s machine in 1800s New York) in US history.