Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
Benjy Boxer

We need solutions to these real problems. I personally believe that Hillary Clinton is offering them through increasing the minimum wage, sharing more profits with employees, maintaining many aspects of free trade, reducing the debt burden of college, continuing the work to make healthcare affordable, and much more.

The problem is that the pool of money Hillary Clinton plans to pay for all this with doesn’t exist. A recent study shows that Clinton’s proposed spending and taxation package would increase the nation’s deficit by $2.2 trillion over the next decade.

This fits in with the leit-motif of Hillary Clinton’s political career — irresponsible demagoguery. She promises things which some Americans believe are doable, and come to view as legitimate entitlements.

The result in health care has been a system which penalizes huge swaths of the middle class, placing adequate and timely health care beyond their reach, so that a burgeoning client class can benefit from free health care. Her mantra that our health care system was broken was taken up by her party in a cynical parody of transparent legislative process in 2009–2010, and many of the people who pay for what Hillary Clinton is promising are suffering.

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