Hillary Clinton, The Alt-Right, And Me
Ella Dawson

There Hillary was, literally reading Breitbart headlines from the podium as the audience gasped. She was unafraid of the Alt-Right’s vulgar, distorted conspiracy theories, their character assassinations, their sexist photoshopped memes. And despite her fearlessness, she was able to recognize their danger without validating their ideology.

Unfortunately, Hillary’s also unafraid of legitimate criticism of her behavior. Hillary Clinton inhabits a ‘safe space’ in which she’s safe from explaining what the Clinton Foundation actually does to help the poor (increasing numbers of reports appear that their Third World programs consist of for-profit exploitation of poor people, and their widely-trumpeted ‘life-saving initiatives’ in Asia and the Pacific Rim simply don’t exist in tangible form). She’ll never have to tell us where those hundreds of millions of dollars actually went, or why it was that foreign governments and businesses only discovered the Clinton Foundation after she was appointed Secretary of State.

The major news networks won’t do the footwork of finding this stuff out for her — they’ll take her word on it, or show up for a “day of action” in which they see what Hillary wants them to see.

And, as we’ve seen, Hillary Clinton’s also unafraid that in an administration whose Attorney-General allows her plane to be stopped from taking off until her husband can explain why she shouldn’t be indicted for the same Federal crime Bradley Manning’s doing time for and Edward Snowden’s in exile for, she’ll ever have to answer for the same crime her husband’s administration pursued former CIA Director John Deutch for in an act of political revenge.

Believe me, as someone who’s been dinged by extreme left and extreme right, I don’t admire the thoughtlessness of either side. I’m sorry you’ve been attacked by those who got frontal lobotomies free with their Internet accounts, but a little surf on crooksandliars.com or mediamatters.org’s comment spaces shows it’s not just the “alt-right” doing stuff like this.

The left can be just as profane and try to destroy people personally as the right can. Alt or not.