The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Putting this level of self-awareness into a pop song is to say to the world, “Look how much searing agony I face just living in this fucked up mess I’m being offered but haha no one gives a shit about me because I’m white, college-educated and 25.”
Because no one ever gives a shit about young women’s pain.
The drugs help her manage what no one else gives a shit about.
And it’s so apparent to us that no one will give a shit, we’ve decided we’re just going to dance to it.
No one gives a shit about women’s pain until it lands her in rehab where millionaires can mine her insurance for $30,000 worth of “compassionate care.”

You honestly believe women are hated more than the rest of us are? Lady, you are taking impressive drugs. Try being a cancer patient in constant, severe pain and being caught between the DEA and morons snorting oxycontin and chewing fentanyl patches.

Hatred and pain, if you’ll step out and look around, are equal opportunity employers.

Omar Mateen hated himself because other guys made him feel all tingly inside and he felt he had to waste fifty people at a gay bar to prove he was “really” straight. Maybe it’s because he knew he’d get no love from family or mosque if he stopped pretending and overcompensating, and the pain flipped him out.

A relative handful of cops kill blacks, after which a relative handful of the black population goes on rampages and destroys their neighborhoods, or decides to go shoot them some cops. Endless opportunities for racial hatred all over, and the sort of pain that never goes away.

Never mind the professional haters of the political pressure group industry, and their generic narrative “You have to be a (insert group of people) to know our day-in, day-out world of pain. Give us money”.

Cancer patients, who actually are in pain, are being told “We’d trust you with these drugs, but so many people are taking them to get over their millennial pain, racial pain, gender pain… so please sign this contract which presumes you’re a drug seeker and will ruin your life if you step out of line just once.… “

Hate’s messing with people’s heads all over in a way drugs never were.

I don’t actually see a justification for our War on Drugs™ that holds water for more than five minutes of objective thought. Sure, if we just legalized everything, some folks would make messes of their lives. Guess what? It’s happening anyway, billions of dollars down the toilet and into la Familia’s pockets later. Ultimately, personal responsibility is going to be the route for all of us, because nothing else-drugs, blaming others or crappy lyrics-will work.

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