5 Reasons Why You Need To Learn How To Code

1. Coding is essential to being an educated and literate person in today’s society

We live in the 21st century, where technology is the foundation of the modern world. Every era demands and rewards different skills, and today’s important skill is understanding how to code.

2. Coding gives you a competitive edge over others

When applying for jobs or internships, employers look for well-rounded individuals who know a little bit of everything. Wouldn’t you want to learn another employable skill?

3. Coding teaches you how to think

It’s about solving problems and creating things. It’s about expressing yourself. It’s a new medium of communication that’s becoming essential as technology plays a bigger role in our lives.

4. Coding makes you a better entrepreneur

You’re not really an entrepreneur if you’re waiting for someone else to build your company for you. Learn the basics of code rather than outsourcing it to a freelancer, and you’ll become a stronger entrepreneur.

5. Coding is an incredibly powerful skill

Whether you’re trying to make a lot of money or change the world, coming up with an idea and seeing it come to life through computer technology is simply rewarding.

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