30 day projects

In December 2015 I started my first 30 day project. It was to write a blog post of at least 200 words everyday for 30 days. I did this with Luke, and it was really cool. I had compiled a list of experiences from my childhood, and everyday I usually wrote about one of those experiences so when my memory fails I will still have access to those events in my life.

Since then I have done some other awesome 30 day projects. Here they are:

  1. Practice the Spanish language on Duolingo everyday. Luke and I had the goal of really learning some Spanish, and we definitely learned a lot of vocabulary and some sentence structure in those 30 days. However, we did not keep learning the language after it was over.
  2. I went vegetarian for 30 days. I didn’t get the point and I thought it would be super hard, but I did it. During my time as a vegetarian I learned more about why it is important and how necessary beans are. And I’m still vegetarian (going on vegan) today!
  3. I made a youtube video everyday for 30 days. This is definitely the most creative and effortful 30 day project I have done to date. I had never made videos before then, and I totally let my weird brain run loose. It’s pretty amazing that my videos usually featuring myself are online for the whole world to see. I still feel really proud about the videos that were really creative and took a lot of time.
  4. Towards the end of this summer Luke and I each wrote a letter everyday for thirty days. His were all thank you letters, mine were some thank you letters and other random topics. I can’t believe I thought of 30 people to write a letter too. Also, finding addresses is hard!
  5. Right now we are doing the blogging project again, hence my presence here on Medium.

Some other projects for different lengths of time we have done are running, weightlifting, and reading the book Zorba the Greek.

I really recommend 30 day projects. They can be really fun and fulfilling, especially if you have a partner to help you along the way. Please tell me about 30 day projects you have done or ideas you have for new ones!