Alphabetical cooking tips

A- Add flour to thicken a sauce

B- Bake cookies for less than the recommended time to keep them moist for days

C- Chop a lot at once by lining up your pieces

D- Deep fry food in small batches to get optimal crispiness

E- Eggs can be poached in a cup of water in the microwave in one minute

F- Fragrant herbs can be stored in an open cup of water to keep your fridge smelling nice

G- Garbage should only be put in the trash can if it isn’t recyclable or can’t be eaten by your dogs

H- Hang green tomato ketchup in a pillowcase from the shower head to drain excess liquid

I- Invest in buying organic local foods

J- Jelly and scrambled eggs on toast is a great breakfast

K- Kitchens are great places to bond with family and friends, so get cooking

L- lick the cookie dough covered beaters before throwing them in the sink

M- Make sure you always taste your food as you go

N- Never throw away parmesan cheese rinds. Instead, keep them to toss in your next soup or sauce for extra flavor

O- Orange zest is a great addition to cinnamon rolls

P- Please clean as you go, this will make it much easier to finish cleaning when you are done

Q- Quiet kitchens are non existent, make music from the sizzling and bubbling and chopping

R- Read the whole recipe BEFORE you start cooking

S- Saute veggies in olive oil

T- Try cooking with an ingredient you’ve never had before

U- Use seasonal ingredients when possible (squash and apples in fall)

V- Very good chefs season their food with salt and pepper

W- Women shouldn’t cook every meal, get in there men

X- Xylophones can be played with leftover carrot sticks

Y- You have control of everything you eat when you cook it yourself

Z- Zero cooks get it perfect every time. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and always have fun in the kitchen!

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