I love Tuesday and Thursday

I am taking a pretty wide variety of classes this semester at Western Kentucky University. I’m taking Communications, Nutrition, Environmental Science and Sustainability, Ballet I, Folk Studies, and Science & Math Education II. This is the first semester I have been able to choose all of my classes myself, and so far it has been pretty great. Today I will focus on Tuesday/Thursday.

I love my Tuesdays and Thursdays. I wake up bright and early and head to 8:00 AM ballet. I have never danced a day in my life besides a little booty shaking at Prom, so Ballet is like being in a foreign country. My legs are never straight enough, my arms are always in the wrong place, my hip juts out, and god forbid I balance for longer than a quarter second while doing a relevé retiré. But when I do get it right and get to admire my movements in the mirror, it feels really good. Somedays I think that I should continue with Ballet in the future. But most days I look at my lopsided self in the mirror and decide “nah”.

After Ballet I head to Folk Studies. Basically we tell and read stories the whole class period. One day we spent the whole class discussing childhood games and college traditions. It was so interesting to hear that people from near and far played some of the same games I did. Folk studies is essentially the informal culture of different groups of people. Folklore is what makes us, us.

My last class of Tuesday/Thursday is Environmental Science and Sustainability. I think that this content area is what I want to delve more into in future semesters. I sit in the front row and advocate sustainability every time I can. I’m sure everyone thinks I am a teacher’s pet, but I’m ok with that. I really just want to teach people about sustainable food and help people around the world have access to healthy sustainable food, but it seems like a good idea to take the classes in this major first so I learn things that will give me a good foundation for my future ideas (hopefully).

I’m a dancer, storyteller, and environmentalist every Tuesday and Thursday. I can work towards making myself these everyday. That will take effort from me :-)