I am 17, going on 18

Today is my birthday!!

My 17th birthday, to be specific. I’m finally the perfect age to have a romance novel written about me! (anybody have Nicholas Sparks' phone number?)

I think this next year will be new and different for me. When I was sixteen, I sometimes felt like people didn’t take the fact that I am a junior in college and have a long distance boyfriend seriously. I really want some of the responsibility and respect that comes with being older. But I certainly don’t want give up my childish charm to get that.

Here’s some thoughts I have about being 17:

  1. It is time to make some new friends. I’m at the beginning of real college and it isn’t easy to make friends like high school was. So as a 17 year old, I will have to put in effort to create good connections.
  2. My relationship will be tested. We have been attending different colleges for a little over a month now. I think we are still in the honeymoon phase of long distance, and that we will continue to come across new challenges with being apart. I have hope and strength that our relationship will thrive, but I think that my relationship wisdom will grow this year no matter what happens.
  3. I will move towards control of a car as a seventeen year old! I don’t think total control will come until my 18th year, but everyday I am becoming a little more independent in when and where I drive. This will hopefully lead to a more independent year.
  4. As a seventeen year old, I think I will become better friends with my older siblings. It has already happened with my sister, and now is starting with one of my brothers. Now that I’m older, I can be their pal and secret keeper instead of an annoying little sister.
  5. As a 17 year old, I will have almost total control of my education. I can take what classes I want, study abroad where I want, and get involved with whatever I want. I think it will be overwhelming at times, but super exciting to get all I can out of this university

I think 17 might be my new favorite number! Here’s to the year ahead. I hope it’s filled with love, learning, and independence :-)

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