What my job does for me

I think if I showed up to work Monday evening and my boss told me she wasn’t going to pay me anymore, but she still expects me to work, that I would stick with it.

It sounds crazy, college student working late hours at a library coffee shop just for kicks? It’s not that I don’t want the money, I certainly do. It feels good to know that I have an income and pay taxes, and it feels awful when I make a foolish purchase because I feel like I wasted my hard-earned money.

But work is so much more than the bi-monthly paid check that is magically deposited into my bank account. First, it gives me something to do. My social life isn’t very “lit” these days, and I think I would seriously waste away in the evenings if I didn’t have the obligation to work. Second, it is totally fun! I like most of my coworkers and have become good friends with a couple! Our nightly antics of overflowing water, spilt milk, pronunciation battles, and exercise routines are sometimes the most joyful parts of my day. Third, I am learning tons about coffee and service jobs in general. Chatting with customers, mopping the floor, and steaming milk have become second nature to me. It is a real feeling of accomplishment when you make someone a great product and understand the effort that goes into maintaining a functioning shop to produce that product.

I’m not sure how long this honeymoon phase with my job will last, but I am going to try and appreciate every second. And who knows, maybe I will volunteer to work for free ;-)

Bonus: I have become a total coffee snob. I spent 15 minutes in the coffee aisle at Walmart explaining all of the coffee products to my mom and begging her to never buy Maxwell House again.

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