Change EQUALS Growth — the type of evolution I’m more interested in and the essential premise of this blog.

Change is not a bad thing. Don’t think of change as changing yourself — your identity, the person that makes you who you are ;) Nooooo, it’d be an outrage to change who you are. How dare I suggest that any one of us should change ourselves. Serious question: Why do we get so offended or uncomfortable with change? Change is basically the cycle of life.

Literally ask yourself: How’d humans become top of the food chain? Evolution, right? (Yes, evolution. If my four years of high school in biology and chemistry isn’t enough for you to take my word on it, surely my three quarters of Biological Sciences at UC Davis will? Or Google?) As we know, evolution and evolving leads to GROWTH. If we take a deeper look and analyze our human history, we are somewhat proud that we’ve beaten everything on the food chain. Right? Unless, you’d like to be on a farm grazing instead and having a cow milk you, then I’m sorry evolution wasn’t on your side. Nonetheless, why not all together as people be at the top of the food chain and possess a desire to change and grow as one, together? (I’m not even going touch on race and politics…maybe.) If we all possessed a passion for change and growth, we’d be super humans — not really, but there’s power in that desire. And if you’re one who abhor change and growth then that’s unfortunate and your prerogative.

For some, they detest the idea of change or feel that there’s no need for change. For me, it was always FEAR and a bit of pride sprinkled in with lots of stubbornness. Change doesn’t come easy when you fear it.

I hate fear. Fear is crippling. Fear stops us before we even start. But when I think of fear, and of the negative and unhappy things it brings into my life, all I think is that something’s gotta give. But it’s not something or someone. It’s me. I gotta give. I gotta make a change. I learned — and am still learning — that to get over fear is to face it and not to think of the consequences afterwards. It’s difficult enough to take the first step in making a change. And it doesn’t help us any if we constantly focus on the consequences that only adds pressure. We should acknowledge the fear and consequences of change but not let them rule us.

What are some of your reasons for not entertaining the idea of change? Whether it’s the way you treat others or the way you treat yourself, haven’t you ever thought “I shouldn’t have done or said that,” but still end up doing it again?

If one of your reasons to not change your behavior and/or attitude towards someone else is because the other person doesn’t share your same attributes on the outside — yes, even if they are of a different race — then cut yourself. No, seriously. You’d see that no matter what’s on the outside we all bleed and breathe the same. (Or unless you’re from somewhere like the mountains compared to Los Angeles.) Again, we all bleed the same. And we have the capability to feel and think the same as the next person even if what we feel and think are different from them. That’s where our adaptability from evolution makes us stronger as a species.

We have an amazing ability to change, to grow, and most importantly, to adapt. Evolution already proved that. So why be stuck in our ways when there’s room to develop? The type of change I’m interested in that will help us grow is a change in our attitudes and behaviors, especially in respect to our fellow peers.

On a side note, if your fear of change is crippling maybe you’re in a cycle of constant complaining of where you are at in life yet you continue that same complaining cycle. That’s where I’ve been since graduation. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get out of my own way. I know what I have to do to get out of the cycle I’m in but I FEAR that whatever change I make won’t have the outcome that I want. I’ve feared the consequences of making a change for a long time that I’ve stuck to my pattern and let the world pass me by. Here’s my change for myself — finally posting this blog I’ve been contemplating for four months. Outcome be damned, I’m breaking one of my cycles. & I hope you’ll do the same.