Take your advice? No thanks buddy, I’d rather ask Bubba

Jul 20, 2016 · 3 min read

love advice
For decades the world population has needed to endure problem-page scribblers making use of their faux concern and the give an impression of self-righteousness hanging regarding the subject like smog. They get mail from people they have never met and on the premise of your hundred words, offer life-changing advice.
Such pages are certainly not actually for your sad people prepared to hang out their dirty laundry on the internet inside the remote hope to find a strategy to what ails them. These are instead for the vicarious pleasure of voyeurs within the readership who don’t think they have similar problems therefore can appear holier-than-thou since they’re nowhere close to as fucked up as the folks writing in.
Quite why anyone would ever wish to bare their soul (in addition to their history occasionally) to a person they don’t know, amazes me. Don’t these individuals have friends to open up to? Physicians to see? A bartender they may blubber to, even?
Tend not to despair. There’s good news at last for people tired with the current crop of lame advice from wooden tops like “’Dear Abby’ and ‘Ask Amy’: Bubba, the antidote to everyone PC, problem page nonsense, has arrived! Ask Bubba is often a free to access blog. Do your favor and view it out. Just look at the health care insurance policy before seeing the site since you might bust a rib laughing.
Bubba is really a man with conviction-several convictions I suspect. When you are a convicted felon doesn’t cause you to an undesirable person, does it? Well, in Bubba’s case this doesn’t happen. He offers information on diverse matters from resignation letters to disrespectful mechanics, sex and spirituality. His selfless concern for others is legendary-he advised one correspondent to sleep around to go to her partner. Out of kindness Bubba suggested that if she wanted to add another infidelity to her tally she could visit him imprisonment for some horizontal dancing. Whadda guy!
Bubba will be as welcome as Santa claus on Christmas Eve. The 23 hours of daily cell time granted through the state have provided Bubba time for you to really contemplate the angst-ridden outpourings of his correspondents. But unlike his mealy mouthed mainstream counterparts, Bubba’s email address particulars are a slam dunk in that person. Telling another correspondent how to handle conversations with a partner who got snappy a lot more a bad mood Bubba tells her just how her telephone conversations with Joe grumpy-pants is going after Joe says hello:
‘Hi darling. Are you within a negative mood?’
Bubba lacks just about any empathy, but brings to the party a welcome tinge of psychopathic disregard for that feelings of your companion he is supposed to help. While he told one correspondent: ‘You’re a vulture. Go find another carcass to circle.’
Around the down side to this, putting a few of Bubba’s advice into practice may leave correspondents at risk of prosecution in at least 38 states. He encouraged one correspondent to kidnap a dog. Now in San fran dognapping you can get a 10-year stretch on Alcatraz. (Yes, I understand Alcatraz is not really open, however the authorities will be prepared to start it up again just to fill it up with dognappers.)
Maybe you’re fortunate enough to participate in the 1% of humanity without any hang-ups. If you do, my advice to you is some fast-just so you can ask Bubba for advice.

love advice

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