Beth Weegar: Yogi for Everybody


I fell in love with my wife Beth in the late 1970s when I first observed her patient, gentle manner as a “teacher/counselor” who worked with people with developmental disabilities. Many people admired her and assumed she must have great patience to do the work she did. I know now that being married to me was a much greater test of her patience. And I’m happy to report that she’s passed that test with flying colors.

After more than three decades of marriage, we’re still together, sorting out how best to love one another. My wife often knows what’s best for me before I do, and of course, I believe I know what’s best for my wife. Often, she’ll suggest something, and I’ll follow — initially as a courtesy to her, but ultimately for my own benefit.

For example, I agreed to help her lose weight by walking with her every day. She understood I’d be more motivated to help her lose weight, which she barely needed, rather than try to lose weight for myself, which I greatly needed. Many years later and 60 pounds lighter, I’ve now (mostly) embraced the habit of walking daily. Whenever I don’t maintain my daily habit, Beth knows my life is out of balance.

She has the balance gene. I still find joy in imbalance. After the joyride is over, though, I reluctantly acknowledge the benefit of finding balance and peace. In keeping with her balanced life, Beth now is trained as a yoga teacher. She wants to help others find comfort with their minds and bodies through yoga. More power to her.

So thank you, Beth. I love you, and I accept you as my personal savior. (I’d like to offer an apology to my brother-in-law Brent, who created the concept of the Weegar women as personal saviors. I stole it, but acknowledge it.)

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Rose in the Garden by Karla Bonoff

There’s a rose in the garden
 It will bloom if you’re sure
 That you pay close attention
 But leave it room

I know your heart can be opened
 And like the rose, it will bloom
 If I pay close attention
 But leave you room

I’m not telling any lies now
 I need you
 To know how
 I think I can see how to let you grow
 I’ve got to let you go

That’s my face in the mirror
 It’s sometimes you that I see
 We’ve been here for so long now
 I see your soul in me


Cause there’s a rose in the garden
 It will bloom if you’re sure
 That you pay close attention
 But leave it room

Rose in the Garden by Karla Bonoff

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