Cam MacQueen: Social Capitalist

Cam in front of THE BLOCK off biltmore

I often experience love at first sight. So it was when I met Cam MacQueen, owner of THE BLOCK off Biltmore vegan bar. While I sometimes become disillusioned when I later learn people aren’t what they claimed to be, Cam is the real deal.

Those who know me know that I have a desire for businesses to be more like social services and social services to be more business-like. Having served in both worlds, I recognize in Cam a kindred spirit. She’s created a place that’s a perfect example. THE BLOCK Off Biltmore has a welcoming environment, in which social justice is aligned in theory and in practice. She runs her business like a social service and hopes she can keep the doors open by doing good.

Cheers TV Show Theme (lyrics)

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name
 And they’re always glad you came
 You wanna go where people know people are all the same
 You wanna go where everybody knows your name

Thank you, Cam. I wish to be a social capitalist like you, to welcome and give to all, and be able to thrive by so doing.

Social capitalism, as described in Forbes magazine, “is driven by collaboration and sharing, by the replacement of command and control by self-organizing ecosystems.” In other words, it’s a systematic change in how people create and build wealth. This isn’t an ideology, but a change in what people, characterized by the “three P” bottom line: profit, people and planet.

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Shower the People by James Taylor

You can play the game and you can act out the part,
 Even though you know it wasn’t written for you
 Tell me, how can you stand there with your broken heart
 Ashamed of playing the fool
 One thing can lead to another; it doesn’t take any sacrifice
 Oh, father and mother, sister and brother
 If it feels nice, don’t think twice
 Just shower the people you love with love
 Show them the way that you feel
 Things are gonna work out fine if you only will do as I say, just
 Shower the people you love with love
 Show them the way you feel
 Things are gonna be much better if you only will
 Shower the people you love with love

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