Sherrie Rudick: For Better and for Worse

Sherrie Rudick: For Better and for Worse

Sherrie, my “oldest” sibling, is ten years my senior. Being the youngest of four kids, I had the benefit of learning from my elders, for better or for worse. Just as the marriage vow states, “For better or for worse,” Sherrie understands a marriage is for better and for worse — as is a relationship with your baby brother, a job… almost anything.

Sherrie, now 71 years old, recently lost her full time job when the government did not renew the contract of the company she worked for. Although she didn’t exactly “welcome” retirement, my sister found her groove. She decided she liked the rhythm of not working full-time. Instead, she found that accepting part-time contracting work was kind of fun.

But six months after her job ended, she was offered and accepted a full-time job with a five-year government contract. She was the last of her peers to find a job and likely the most qualified. She was convinced her age was a factor.

So I had to chuckle when I read the email subject line my sister sent that announced her new job:

“Good news and bad news… I accepted a full time job.”

Like Sherrie, I better understand as I mature that nothing is quite black-and-white or completely good-or-bad. Relationships, jobs, experiences are all mixtures of black and white — or rather shades of gray.

Thank you, Sherrie, for your wisdom and guidance throughout my life, especially as we now are graying.

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Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell

Tears and fears and feeling proud To say, “I love you,” right out loud Dreams and schemes and circus crowds I’ve looked at life that way. But now old friends are acting strange They shake their heads; they say I’ve changed Something’s lost but something’s gained

In living every day.

I’ve looked at life from both sides now, From win and lose, and still somehow It’s life’s illusions I recall

I really don’t know life at all.

Originally published at on February 15, 2017.