My name is Amber and I’m 25 years old. Libra. A lot of people mention their sign, I’m not really into it, but I guess it’s necessary sometimes.

I live in Highland Park, CA with my boyfriend Richard and our dog, Desmond who is 49 years old in human world. I have another dog, but she lives with my parents. Her name is Maya and will turn two at the end of May.

I’m a florist and illustrator. I attended Academy of Art in San Francisco and majored in photojournalism. My photography use is now focused on my floral designs. I do miss the journalism part sometimes.

My illustrations mostly focus on genitalia and women.

I’m a home body and I enjoy reading The New York Times, along with doing the crosswords. I love bread.

I like to binge watch Lizzie McGuire two-three days out of the week and I like to snip flowers around my neighborhood. My hobbies, exciting.

I read a lot. Not that I don’t like human interactions, I get that enough from work, and I enjoy company, but if I had to choose and I apologize dear friends, I prefer a good book and my bed.

I’m a boring loaf of bread that’s always a little pissed, don’t worry, I’m friendly too, who loves cold pasta with shredded cheddar, croutons, covered in ranch.

Again, I’m Amber. Good to meet you via internet.

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