Criminalization of African-American Homeless Veterans

Disclaimer: This is a true story about me trying to get the largest transitional home (homeless shelter) in Los Angeles County and west of the Mississippi river to stop illegally evicting people and start following the California law found here regarding transitional shelters. That law states the formal eviction process must be used (such as an unlawful detainer, etc.). In short: Homeless people have rights too. Hundreds of the most vulnerable people and veterans are being illegally evicted. I started helping people here around January 2016 and now I am facing an illegal eviction so I decided to make mine public. This is a petition to the government asking government officials to help us. Please help.

My name? D. A disabled United States Marine Corps veteran, African-American, former foster child and just another person wanting to see the most vulnerable people receive their rights according to the law. I pay 1/3 of my income for the rent.

In the above YouTube video update you will hear me in the hospital. Hospitalized because this is stressful. Alexandra Tostes aka Ms Tostes aka Ms T, one of the Salvation Army Bell Shelter administrative staff, told two staff to tell me that my last day is Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 10am. That means when I go back tonight they might bar me from entering. I know it is possible because they already barred me from my bed, #268, in an illegal eviction that the lawyers of Eviction Defense Network told them was illegal many times but they keep doing it.

Now I sleep on a dirty cot. I have been here since the first illegal eviction on April 18, 2016 a little over a week ago.

Here is the entire story: It is extremely emotional wondering when the next illegal eviction will come.

For updates on the background please see my last post found here.

Otherwise, have a beautiful day everyone and take time to appreciate the comforts of a wonderful bed. I love you all!