The Benefits Of Organic Cotton

Cotton is one of the oldest and most widely-used natural resources available when it comes to clothing. Chances are, most of your wardrobe is made up of the material, and your baby’s clothes are likely made of more cotton than anything else. But what’s the difference between organic cotton for clothing, and regular cotton, and why should it matter? There are a few big differences between the two, and when it comes to the overall quality of the product, and the benefits that go along with it, organic cotton clothing can be an extremely practical, and logical choice!

Why Buy Organic?

Think about it this way — clothing is the one thing that is in constant contact with your baby’s skin. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand that everyone’s skin can react differently to different things. While most tags on clothing will tell you exactly what the article is made of (in this case, cotton), they don’t typically tell you how that non-organic cotton was treated.

You might take for granted the ability to look at the ingredients list on your baby’s food to check to unhealthy additives. Unfortunately this is not something you are able to do for his or her clothes.

Things like pesticides and insecticides are often used by non-organic cotton growers, and these harmful chemicals don’t always just get ‘washed away’ in the cleaning process, meaning they can still be in the fibers of the clothing, and therefore, constantly touching your child’s skin. Many children may not have any adverse affects from this, but if your baby has sensitive skin, it could cause irritation.

These chemicals are also extremely harmful to the environment, with the constant spray of poison into the air causing trouble for the ozone, and increasing pollution immensely. Even ‘fabric finishers’ on cotton clothing can contain chemicals that have been linked to things like cancer, and hormonal issues.

When you choose to buy organic clothing, both for yourself, and your baby, you’re not only securing a better and brighter future for the environment they’ll grow up in, but you’re treating their bodies responsibly, and with care.

Source: The Benefits of Organic cotton

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