Ask Trust Try

Standing Up. Drawing your line in the sand. Putting yourself first. Being Bold. Making Moves…Trusting your desires. Trusting yourself.

Asking for what you want. what you desire. what your insides are seeking…without any fear of the outcome.

In biz + in life find the strength to do do do. Is your belly saying yes? Go with your feelings rather than letting your over-analyzing mind or FEAR take over and hinder you from stepping out and asking boldly for what you want.

Ask that entrepreneur that has a successful biz.

Ask that person that impresses you.

Ask that seemingly famous balling bad ass.

Ask the man/woman that gives you zsa zsa zsu.

Ask for that raise.

Ask for a relocation.

Ask for more responsibilities.

Ask for less.

Ask for a referral.

Ask for a shoulder to cry on.

Ask for a skype dance party celebration.

Ask for the very thing that scares you.



Stand Up for YOU.

Stand Up for Your Biz.

Go with your gut.

If you don’t ask or do, you’ll never know.

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