Believing in Yourself - Despite 1000’s of People Not Believing in You

I used to get so caught up with societal labels, labels / ideals — trying to fit myself into certain “boxes” or deciding what was “right” / “wrong”, what would be seen as “normal”/“not normal”, what would draw the line between popularity and unpopularity.

You name it — I found a way to dress myself in the intoxicating appeal of “fitting in always” — always trying to play and live up to others expectations and dreams and aspirations…while also trying to be loved by everybody.

It turns out none of these labels really mattered.
It turns out I was still completely empty.
I was the exact opposite of what I was chasing

Anything but confident. I was wearing so many versions + hiding behind so many traits/groups that I had no belief in myself. I was not connected to my “truth” and I was letting the world tell me no, you’ll never make it, you are weird, you are different…etc. etc. etc.

I’ve had to fully believe in myself and fuck anyone that was trying to shit on my goals, dreams and my unique being.

Where I am now and what I know thanks to having to bootstrap the shit out of my confidence (believe in myself when no one else does) and my crazy crazy visions and goals (according to everyone “normal”) I never ever stop or give up…I’m not afraid of failing or having zero people pay attention to me…nothing phases me anymore because I always get through it ‪#‎whyIllwin‬

By working so hard to fit in, we wind up feeding stereotypes. What we see as the standard “textbook” definition deserves to be pushed. It needs to be questioned. The fact that society is filled with specifics, characteristics, personality traits, religious, race, sexual orientation, affluent hierarchical biases is reason enough for me to want to push the envelope even more.

By denying the world your truth, your authenticity, your voice, your opinions, your color, your beliefs you are denying the world your greatness. You are denying you yourself.

If you can’t connect to your own truth — how do you expect anyone else to take notice?

If you lack full belief in yourself — how do you expect others to believe in you?

The only person that needs to believe in it is you.

The day that I stopped trying to serve and connect with people through my “illusion” of what I was “supposed” to be offering/doing/presenting/being was the day everything shifted…

If you gleam anything from this entire article, I want you to take this away: 
Be Fearlessly You. The way to “win” is to speak your truth and believe it.

Cut the crap. Stop polishing yourself.

I believe that our full story / full truth is what creates buzz.

It comes back to how you want to make an imprint on the world? How do you want your mission/purpose shared?

Of course to — it comes back to your personal definition of “success” and “inspiration.”

I find power in the RAW sometimes icky sometimes roller coaster ride of the human life. That in itself is inspiring. Watching others rise up and get through shit — coming through breaking out as a powerful being. It’s the class underdog story.


Raw + Real. This is my belief of who will rise to the top, be the next entrepreneurial leaders. This is why I share my journey…because for me success is not just the dollars its how many people I touch inspire change the course.

Make them think. Outside a box. Believe in their message even if 1000’s of people have told them “no.”

So ask yourself, are you satisfied with your version of “authentic”

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