Compassion for the Crap

Comparing yourself…wondering how you can get that big blip…that “publicity”…for more cash…for bigger names to be dropped near yours…for that deal to crush all deals…for that “#yachtlife“…getting more _____

When is it going to be your time?

Stop and rather than wonder when…
wasting time thinking
worrying comparing…

Get focused on what you are physically mentally spiritually doing.

Get back to you. not what everybody else is doing / getting. not what you think you should have or want or be.

Sounds basic really. But a lot of time gets wasted by the aforementioned stuff. It’s the minute by minute effort and the consistency.

It’s the continuation no matter where what why. It’s not always about the name drop the cash flow it’s about your persistence and effort.

If there is a few things I’ve learned in my journey thus far it is this. No matter how many failures fans followers friends times I must pivot I keep going more and more everyday and every year. You also recognize how much consistency and effort and the willingness to keep going matters.

You also smile to yourself and take heart in knowing that eventually it all will pay off be it next year, at 40, 60, 90…you just know in your soul there is a greater reason to keep showing up.

You also know that the truth always eventually shows itself in the end and the real will rise and the crap will sink.

Realness wins.

At least in my heart I believe that to be true.

So, get back to the present moment and bring your attention back to you not all the flash in a pan stuff and watch out for the floaters ;)

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