Don’t Buy the Surface Level Lifestyle

the 15 minute heart of the matter

Not taking the risk :: Not going after what we want

Letting others be the compass for your journey :: Believing the glossy bullshit

Desperate + Dying to get out of cages :: fall + expect miracles + fame + six figures

Crank up your volume. Check yourself. Check your truth before running.

Before circling that “I quit” date on your calendar. What are you running from? Or into. Are you just amped to be a follower or are you ready to push your nose to the fucking grindstone to make leadership movement?

There’s a lot of hype with this life coaching + “entrepreneur” + location independence. The thing is once you enter into the personal development world — the gloss — the shine — the appeal :: compared to your dull desk job — the freedom + money is hard to not to want. Most of us crave it. In the circle — it seems easy. possible. With wordpress, social media and mentors and virtual teams. Anyone can + should be an entrepreneur. Skills not necessarily required. You don’t need credentials. If you have something to say you can create and slap a pay pal button on that shit.

It looks amazing…The freedom to roam as we please. The freedom to travel + still be banking from that evergreen virtual catalyst of a product/service. Write a eBook. Create an online program. Sit on the beach + smile with the dollars carelessly flowing into your paypal. $47/$97/hell pay what you can. For this it appears as though anyone can fucking do this, right? We don’t need skills — we don’t need paychecks on the 15th + 30th — if you have something to write or create you can do just that, give it up to the interwebs and sit back + let it trickle in…

The unglossy truth is that it’s not for everyone. It’s not easy. I dare even say its harder + more trying than sitting at that desk job but we all know that because its out there. Entrepreneurship is hard. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not intended for the ones that are not willing to put in 40+ hours. Coming from law firms, where yes I worked 40+ hours for someone else, it’s easy to go to the idea that “but if I’m working for myself I will put in 40+ hours.”

“If I’m location independent then I don’t care, I can make money and sit in the jungle” Getting to that point? It’s an ever evolving process. Just like life, corporate, society, stock market — you can hit your stride — peak — think its gravy. Just like the concept “15-minutes of fame” you can see massive movement money possibility + think its all good now. In fact, being + staying an entrepreneur is a lot like staying famous well after your 15 minutes on some reality television show. You have to fucking work. push. strive. want it so bad. You have to have fire desperate + dying to get out and spread. If all you care about is making cash — any how anyway — then your 15 minutes will end very very quickly. We have heard it before –>

Content is king. Quality. Passion. Stamina. The personal development/lifestyle coaching is over saturated. You might not realize this until you get in — once your in it hits you…this is fucking hard. There’s a gazillon programs, blogs, teleprograms, mentors, eBooks, etc. etc. etc. If I come across one more page with a big yellow button + red arrows pointing to the sign up , pay now, subscribe now box … well. Where is your heart? Where is your passion? Are you in this for the gloss? The idea of freedom, location independence, 10K or more in profits every month? Let’s get fucking real here. That shit does not just happen. Especially when there are so many out there. I’m not saying you should give up, throw in the towel, think you have nothing to add to the already over played conversations//saturated market but I am asking you to be prepared.

Come strong. Get stronger. Push. Fucking Rage. But make sure your heart is behind it. Make sure you want more than quick fame. or in fact just that. If you enter this roller coaster make sure you want more than fame. You are here for more than that. At least I am + I hope that you are too if you are on my list / site.

Strap in. Get ready. Bring out your barf bags. Be prepared to work more + harder than you did at that desk job. Be prepared to have zero readers. next to no subscribers. not much attention. not massive amounts of $97’s flowing into your paypal account. You probably will need to have a sweet savings account or a part time job or maybe you’ll still have to maintain that day job…I’ve seen the height and the fall. I’ve been at the end of the sword. I’ve gotten down to my last breath. more than once. I’m stronger than ever before. At 30 now the thing is — I’ll keep fighting because I’m burning up on the inside and this fire needs to spread.

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