Be You. All of you. Fuck trying to fit a standard. 
Screw the popularity. 
I don’t desire to fit in. 
I’d rather stand out.

Fuck what they think. What they think is best. What is safe or practical.

Standards are boring. 
Rules are meant to be broken.

Buttons are meant to be pushed.
Limits are meant to be challenged.

Connections happen when you show your insides
When you show us your truth. 
Your inhale. Your exhale. 
Your heart. Your darkness. Your lightness. 
All of it.

It’s not some strategy, scheme, funnel, slick “what they want to hear” garbage.

For anyone and everyone that wants to do it differently, that is tired of all the shit:

RE: ______ emails, the OPPS I forgot the link bs, the hastag hookers (gimme all the hash ####), the follow and unfollow, the lemme add you to my awesome group without your permission, the I’m legit even though I paid for all my publicity and followers (ssshhhh, the dolla dolla bills spread on IG, the let me verbally vomit a thousand quotes that everyone else uses, the I don’t really care about you but LOVE YOU TO PIECES phony, the ones that push hard for pain point marketing, the BS scammys of getting 6 figs in __ days if you sign up for their mastermind, the automated DMers (no I dont want a ebook that you think I’d get so psyched off it), etc etc etc you guys know what I’m talking about..

For the ones that just want truth (real truth), vulnerability (not something that has to tell us I’M ABOUT TO BE SUPER VULNERABLE GUYS…), for the ones that want to feel a true sense of support and love and caring not the phony kind…

I don’t want cheerleaders or fan girls (or guys)

I don’t want fake friends (virtual or otherwise)

I’m tired of the nonsense.

I’m tired of the fakeness.

The fake love, the fake support.

I’m tired of the rules that we’ve placed on “spirituality” because…

FUCK YOU AND YOUR GREEN JUICE and RAW all the time (bitch please you can’t be green all the time, let’s be real here)

I’m tired of scam artists coming after hopeful youth. I’m tired of those that say all the right things and do all the wrong things (collaboration over competition comes to mind…I’m all for it but you all know there’s a lot of people out there saying that and then gossiping or talking smack and only letting certain people into their “clique” in order to keep up appearances…#justsaying)

If you are going to preach something, if you are going to write or video or share make sure you are being honest. Be integrity. Walk your f-ing talk.

Don’t show me or tell me what you think I WANT TO HEAR.

Tell me the truth. Be real. Be real. Share your heart. Your truth.

Not what you think will get most likes or go viral or make the most bank……

Do what is going to make you happiest. 
Do what feels natural. 
Do what is going to help another human.

I love you deeply even if we’ve never met because LOVE is all there is.

At this point if there is one thing I know for sure, I know that much. It’s genuine. It’s human. It’s us. I don’t need someone else to tell me or teach me or preach me on that…

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