How to Deal with Procrastination, Doubt, Resistance

I recently was asked how to deal with procrastination and thought this might help someone else.

Whenever I feel resistance/doubt/procrastination I first will breathe deeply and check in with myself to see why I’m feeling that way (is it pressure to meet a deadline, does it not feel fun, is it something outside of myself) After the internal emotional check in and if it’s still not shifting…

Than I actually just say fuck it and go for a walk, go work out, go get tea coffee etc, I basically change the environment / energy up…

Even if it’s something that is super deadline driven (IE get this done by end of day) I still find taking a 5–15 minute pause / break (insert your needed time) is so much more worth it than trying to push through…

Than when I feel my vibration start to shift I will come back but with new energy / eyes…How can I make this “chore/task/etc” fun. Maybe you play music or you think of a fun reward you can give yourself (small or big) I also think of how awesome I’ll feel after I do xyz. 
*that always works for me when I feel myself dragging to go to the gym

There’s no good that comes from the shoulda coulda woulda brain all we can do is choose to come back to the present and take back the energy right now. ​You can’t sit around dwelling or wondering why x y z didn’t happen/ work out.

Forgive yourself for what did or didn’t happen breathe and you got this! Course correct. Pivot. Feel what you need to feel say what needs to be said but no one is going to make it happen but you.

Side note. Of course you also want to tap in and see how this connects to your bigger Why/vision/long term goals. You see we are always evolving and sometimes things simply fall out of alignment/ what feels good…Of course keep your word but connecting to yourself is a constant important practice…

All we can do is our best. What I’ve found is the more in tune and connected we are to ourselves, our energy, our intuition, our physical spiritual emotional needs the easier and quicker you can move through anything.

And if all else fails outsource it ;)

❤ Hit that little green heart, if you dig this. I appreciate you for reading my words. For taking those few minutes out of your day.

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