How to Inspire Others

I’m vulnerable. I’m emotional. I’m going a mile a minute at times.
I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m a lover not a fighter.
I want to share my present emotions. In the moment as they flow.

If it makes me look like like a loon or bi-polar I’m cool with that.
I’m human.
I’m not perfect {neither are you}
I have made a many mistakes in my life.
I have stepped up boldly peeled off my tough skin, thrown down and thrown out my collection of masks that I spent years creating and collecting.

It’s fucking scary to be real. raw. vulnerable. truth telling.
It is something I would of never believed or envisioned myself doing.
Never. I am an unique woman — I have quirks, things that can be seen
as slightly strange….

I’m a weird crazy one. Definitely not status quo. I accept me. That’s what is beautiful and amazing.

Imagine that you can be you. All the time. You can put yourself out there. There is nothing holding you back. No reason not to be yourself. You tell yourself a story. If you are fully yourself people might not want to…

Be in your life — they won’t see you as that coach, business, human being they can look up to.

You are not supposed to be emotional. Ever.

Breaking News Flash! No one is happy all the time. No one is stone. No one is emotionless.

Allow yourself to share yourself.
Stop waiting on being “perfect”
Be real.

When you begin to peel your outer layers and remove pieces of your armor the magic happens. People come out of the woodwork. People gravitate toward you for being YOU.

Do you want to inspire another soul? Your emotions and honesty and presence allow inspiration to flow.

Brutal Truth. Being open, raw, vulnerable is fucking scary no joke. As we begin unarming ourselves we feel like we are losing in a strip poker game. We’re getting totally naked with our audience, friends, clients, the world….When we feel that fear come in or someone says something harsh or exits our life.

We retreat. We run. We reach out for our safety. We reach out for the mask. We climb back in ourselves and shell ourselves our voices our truth.

It took me years to stop reaching for my masks. Stop retreating inward.

I’ll share something that really really punched me hard in the gut.
In one of my past relationships, he told me he hated the sound of my voice. It killed my insides. It weakened me. It made me run straight toward the mask.

You know what — I cried, I released, it made me stronger.
It made me want to shout even louder.

I discovered how much by me sharing myself authentically, vulnerable, ups and downs:

I inspired thousands.
I felt free.
I felt clear.
I could me myself.

The right people would stay. The bad eggs would leave.
Bottom line is I don’t have to try so damn hard. 
My personality sells itself. My personality is what attracts.

Not a cookie cutter version. Or hiding bits and pieces of who I am.
I want to inspire. I want to set you free. The world needs you so very very much.

You are a gift. You as YOU. Quirks and all.

Take this all in. I’m not saying strip naked right away.

Think about what you are you most afraid of sharing?
What are you worried about by showing up truthfully?

How can you be fully supported when you are only half yourself?
Do you want to set the world on fire with your gift (aka YOU)?

I’m here for you. I will always be here. Cheering you on. Reminding you that your presence is needed. Your you-ness matters. You are a gift that the world is damn lucky to have to open.

Make a commitment to yourself today to not lower yourself to expect and accept being treated by anything but the beautifully stunning unique creature that you are.

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