Let Your ❤ Lead

It is not always about what your latest offering is or how snazzy and tested it is — it is about what lights you up and how open and real you are with your people and your business.

Personality sells. Cookie Cutter versions of xyz do not.

Try sending ONE status update, snap, post or email with your heart leading. Not because everyone is telling you to do this or that. Not because the thought leaders of the moment are telling you this is how to get success or to get fame.

Just drop in. Drop into yourself, into your heart.

Your business is an extension of you

Your personality is an extension of your biz

Stop over thinking.

Stop trying hard.

Stop looking to the ones that seem to have it figured out.

Stop trying to be something you are not.

Stop putting coaches + entrepreneurs on pedestals.

I want to collapse the pedestals.

YOU are your business.

Your business is YOU.

Your personality is what attracts.

Not some fast “strategy” or quick fix or “rules”

YOUR heart. MY heart.

This IS the core foundation of your business.


your heart. your truth. your passion. your desires.

uncover your truth.

your passion is your most abundant work.

live. work. honor. breathe.

your desire.

your truth.

your heart will overfloweth.

your abundance will overfloweth.

My passion is my work. My work is my passion.

Human Souls are destined for connection.

We crave them. We require them.
Real. Human. Contact.
Deep. Meaningful. Heartfelt. Conversation.

Not bullshit. Not just fame. Not just money. Not just how much press or publicity or fans you have.

To bring forth this beautiful connection we must open our true self. Opening yourself up completely can be terrifying. Fear of what showing yourself will bring you the chance of mixed reviews and some people will not resonate yet some will deeply. Why continue to wear the mask or put on the filter? You will just be a phony and it will be tiring and crushing to your heart, your soul constantly filtering and downplaying or overplaying certain things and quirky traits or interests or stories. At the end of the day when you lie in bed with your thoughts it will hit you and the longer you keep trying to be something you just are not and hiding certain pieces of you it will weigh on you until eventually you are crushed.

I want to ask you to ponder on this thought — How can you be fully connected when you are not your full self?

Connection as we know is incredibly valuable as people.

Connection comes forth when we are fully stepping up as ourselves not trying, not changing ourselves but just being and flowing as we are.

Breathe. Dig inward. Open your soul. Open your heart.

Step up for magical connections.
with open love

Let your heart lead. 
Because if you are true and your heart is in everything you can’t lose.

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