Move or Fade

So many people just stop. For whatever reason. They fade away into the inter-webs and as time goes on and they aren’t keeping up their blog, vlog, website, social etc. they lose the attention and the momentum…

Either life situations, not being able to keep up, others opinions crushing them to the point of stopping, not seeing quick enough progression, one too many failures, one too many blogs/vlogs/newsletters/posts with no comments/likes/shares…etc etc etc

Maybe they realize this isn’t for them… Maybe they just crush under the pressure… Maybe they got enough money…

It all comes down to the fact that the truth is these people that give up to any of the above-mentioned reasons just really never wanted it — they were weak to the outside forces/people/the lack of validation/quick enough movement.

As I’m so surrounded and see so many different people doing xyz it’s fascinating to watch how many people fade out, fall off for a little too long, or completely vanish and disappear.

Now, the thing is that yes people come and go and evolve.

REMEMBER that it is a great big journey…

It’s all about energy matching and who you are surrounding yourself with, how willing you are to pivot, being able to embrace the failures, find the lessons, flow with the unforeseen changes, the ups and downs of life/love/biz, but no matter how many pivots you have to make, how many adjustments, how many lessons, you still fucking show up and keep trying…

That’s what I do. I know in my heart that there is a reason that is unforseen yet, some level of success that has yet to be reached yet, something in the far out future…I know I’ve got some crazy bone in my body because with all the shit, the fails, the lowest points, the crazy winding road of my life I still am trying and doing things every day, every month, every year.


Fail, Learn, Evolve, Die, Rise….on and on. Year by year. Try by try. People come in and out. Bullshit falls away over and over. Bullshit doesn’t last…

It might adjust (scratch that it will adjust). Things or people might come and go, design revamps, ways of making the bacon so to speak, all that has, is and will forever evolve.

But the point is I keep showing up. Who knows what the future holds but the only way to know is to show up and be consistent…

Otherwise just fade away….

Hit that little green heart, if you dig this. I appreciate you for reading my words. For taking those few minutes out of your day.

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