Pomp and Circumstance

Be in it for the longest. Be in it the realist. Be in it as imperfect and as fucked up as you think you are. Be in it as a human. Be in with heart. Be in it just as you are…its all you. People connect with people not numbers, fame, gloss, filters, fake love and flashy lifestyles. Not your bank. Not your coiffed hair. Not your crew…Drop this insatiable need for all this flash and pomp and circumstance. Just do what you love, try your darndest, focus on who you touch, change, encourage, make smile….day by day til the afterlife and even then continue

Drop in and remember all that you are doing all you are touching impacting through just you being you….It’s easily forgotten by so many….Oh it’s easy to want to get bigger to amass more…but today start looking what you are doing.

I’m blessed and had a multitude of pinch me moments. Today and most days I had a lot of “validation” come my way through multiple forms and mediums. I had multiple thank you’s.

And for today I dropped still and said thank you and truly acknowledged myself. It felt weird because well I want a lot more and sometimes I forget that what I’m doing is something to silently applaud/acknowledge myself for…

Say thank you to yourself every once in awhile

Recognizing that yes there is so much more I want, so much I strive for but right now man I feel over the moon…and you know what I’m just an imperfect person that is always so in the moment and definitely always feels “different” — I don’t have all my shit together I’m not rolling around in the Benjamin’s but that’s what I want to remind and hopefully leave behind…you don’t need to be perfect or status quo or baller status hashtag goals — We are just humans rolling and breathing everyday. So drop the idea that you can’t start something, you can’t say something, you can’t show up as raw and real…that you have to wait on ____ or ____.

Fuck it be a human…life is messy and you don’t always have to have the polished verbiage or the filter or the way you think you should show up…

Be real.

Because all this “validation” and stuff you crave? It comes when you are raw real and NOT behind a filter or a front.


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