Truthfully present your presence online or even just with one person…It’s more than just being on social media it’s really how you’re showing up in the world. What a concept…

What if we just stopped fighting ourselves and wasting time in our over thinking and crafting the ever so perfect message, the perfect text, the conversation, the pick up line, the social media postings, the perfect offer, the way that you’re putting yourself out in the world. What if you just stopped worrying so much about how you’re showing up and you just showed up. What if we just let go a bit, eased up a little bit more. STOP TRYING TO BE SO PERFECT.

The thing is I’ve spent many years and I watch many other humans trying to come off as perfect or as close to perfect as anyone could possibly be because as we all know perfection is not real. Know nothing and no one is perfect.

There are so many different things that you’re doing to try to come off as perfect one quite honestly a lot of times it’s just that and people can really feel into when it is not natural, legit, when you’re not really yourself or when you’re just trying to wear a mask and try to position yourself in a certain way. People really want to see the truth people want to see what’s underneath the surface. People want to know that you’re a human with an actual heart and the soul because we all really are just human beings. That’s the simplest way of looking at this and I don’t care how many posts you make that are perfect or how many filters you share or how many ways that you try to go out and be social with a certain mask or you’re trying to hide certain pieces of yourself or what you’re into just because you’re worried about fitting in and that’s the thing.

The only way that you’re ever going to make that connection happen or the only way you’re ever going to build that audience or whatever it is you’re doing — you can use this in your day to day like just general life because people really want to connect with you on that soul level at least I do. I think that the world really wants to see more real, more truth and not all of these like filters and all this like fake shit and all these like pretending to be something that we’re not it doesn’t matter if you fucking stumble.

I’m sure I put my foot in my mouth (I know I do) or tried to say one thing and it ended up coming out completely wrong. It’s because I’m choosing not to worry. I’m not worried about how I’m coming off, I’m not worried about how perfect it is or am I conveying the right message or the right diction or the right messaging I’m just showing up. It’s really about showing up authentically and being truthfully and honest and raw and real as you can possibly be. Because you have to let go of the masks and you might think that the mask is kind of like you’re safe, you know how to position yourself. If you’re like me you know how to position yourself to meet different expectations or how to kind of squeeze yourself into different social circumstances or situations and that’s powerful in itself like when you’re able to really read a room or read the audience or read the people that you’re engaging with or read who you’re for and what’s going on that can be powerful but at the same time you don’t want to use that as they a way to cover up certain pieces of you.

Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to vibe with what you’re putting out, not everyone is going to take any inspiration or motivation or whatever it is not, everyone is going to buy from you, not everyone is going to want to be your friend, not everyone’s going to be in your life. Just like there’s going to be amazing people that do want to stay in your life and support you and people that really are going to resonate with you because we’re all so different we’re all so unique we’re each individual and while there is going to be a lot of intersection with all of our thoughts and our desires and our passions and all the things that we’re doing in the world.

No two people are exactly the same and that’s really what that’s really what brings people together and how many of you out there really enjoy having MORE the conversation of the intelligence like the meeting of the minds and even when it’s more of the healthy debate because no one’s going to have the exact same opinion that even if you do because even just thinking of like well there could be a lot of people that are. Politics is an example — there’s a lot of people that are Republican and there’s a lot of people that are Democratic these groups have the same kind of overarching view but they’re still going to bring in their own perspective their own experiences from their lives that have shaped and shifted that.

The thing is it gets tiring when you’re trying to put on the different masks and try to fit in with so many different worlds and at the end of the day really come to just yourself. You’re going to connect with so many more people if you’re just authentic and real. Get comfortable with letting go of the need to try to fit in.

Because you won’t.

Decide that today is the day that you’re going to fuck perfection and trying to “Fit In” to some mold you thought you should.

Choose to be real choose to be raw choose to be pissed off if you want, get excited. Feel excitement share it with people in your world. Share wherever you are but just be truthful Be honest be real. People want to see that.

Hit that little green heart, if you dig this. I appreciate you for reading my words. For taking those few minutes out of your day.

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