The Shiny Object Syndrome Will Crush You

There’s so many different ways of thinking about desire, wants, passions.

Desire is a funny thing. We are often quick to long, lust, crave after an assorted variety of x, y, z but how often do we ever stop, breathe and really hone in and sharpen those cravings? This ability of clarity + focusing in surrounding our desires is what sets a passionate and focused person from someone that is constantly floundering and lacks the ability to put on the focus blinders and continue the building phase.

It’s easy to get trapped into the ideas and the next shiny thing. You can constantly be stopping and starting because of a myriad of outside things or scattered dreams.

The thing that is important though is tapping into the bigger wants and desires. What desire feels sustainable + feeds my most internal appetite and connects with my divine purpose? We can have several desires in our life or even daily but the key step to move full steam ahead is gaining clarity and tapping into your intuition. When you have a moment of craving or longing what is your belly telling you? Go Deep and past the <in the moment> hunger…

For example : You want to start a new business, project, program
Even though you already have something else started.

Go in deep. What is at the root of this new desire, idea, push for beginning anew? Look at your current business model and compare it to this new idea. Do they connect OR are they total polar opposites? Chances are you feel like there is just no movement or progression with your current business, project, program that you just are wishing to scrap it all and go full steam ahead into a new desire. New desires ARE hot. In the moment of fruition or that new discovery or idea we are extremely lit and bubbling up with zest and excitement. So you ride that wave of utter excitement and before you know it you are right back where you started — losing that drive, longing, excitement. Only to put you back to the start of this process — you stumble upon a NEW desire out of lack of result from the previous one.

It becomes a vicious cycle –

desire, fail, excitement crushed, desire, fail, excitement crushed….on and on and on.

Before you take that -in the moment- desire and run with it full steam ahead — ASK yourself why? Go Deeper with the emotions and tap into intuition. What is this stemming from? What feels icky? What feels right and what feels wrong? A business, a project, a program, a exercise regimen can be challenging. However, the one lesson that I’ve been taught is the fact that patience is a virtue. A multi-figured practice/business or a tight lean body does not happen overnight but sticking with it and being consistent with your original desires and passions rather than running after every want or idea that pops into your head will take you that much farther. Having a solid foundation built and working brick by brick is how you will begin your expansion.

Comparison. No freaking house will ever get built all the way if you lay down a few bricks and then get bored and decide to start pouring concrete for another home. No one in their right mind is going to move into your town with a block of half finished houses.

First Step to Do: Get Clear.

>What excites you + lights you up every damn day?

>What is your why?

>Great. Are you currently modeling your biz and life after this?

>Do your lasting desires appear in your biz and life?

>Are you SO passionate + excited to wake up and work more?

The way you answer these questions might surprise you. Be really really honest with yourself.

Being consistent is the only way to actually see progression and that’s why it’s so important that you really consider what is that you’re working on and what it is that you’re doing in your life. This can be tied into a lifestyle change such as working out, changing up your surroundings, looking for that new job. Whatever is going on for you you have to get really clear on what is your why. It’s important - you have to be willing to stay and see things through. The long haul of all this you have to be willing to be consistent even in those moments where you’re not seeing a lot of movement or a lot of traction. Maybe you’re just not seeing a lot of comments or responses but you have to make sure that you’re passionate about what you’re doing. You have to make sure that your so hungry for whatever it is whether that’s the weight loss or the getting your diet back in order or starting your own business or writing consistently.

It doesn’t really matter where it is in your life or what is it you’re going after but if you’re not going to be consistent about what you’re doing then you’re never going to see the expansion you’re never going to see anything shift or change. Sure, you can tell me that it’s not it’s not fun to be doing x, y or z when you’re just not seeing a lot of movement. That’s why there’s such a big thing about losing that weight quickly or making money quickly. That’s why there’s a whole gimmick out there that’s floating around telling you that things can happen quickly because that’s human nature. Most human beings want shit really quickly. Most human beings do not have a patient bone in their body.

Most people just want something to happen right away but you have to really consider everything.

The thing that’s so easy to do is just drop shit and go onto the next thing if you’re not seeing action or traction or movement from one thing. Be it weight loss or business. Let’s say you are doing ten thousand steps a day or maybe 30 minutes of cardio every day and you’re not seeing the results after two weeks or maybe it’s your business maybe you’re just not seeing any movement or any increase in your revenue or the amount of comments you’re getting. If you’re only looking at it after two weeks and you’re like well fuck this it’s not working then you have to really get clear on your own self.

The worst thing you guys can do is constantly be giving up and looking at the next shiny object. It’s a little bit of FOMO perhaps. Because you feel like you’re missing out something or other. If you are in the constant state of wondering what if…what if there’s a better job out there for you, what if there’s a better exercise program out there, what if there’s a better tactic…

There will always be something else out there. But you can’t constantly be stuck in that mindset because nothing will move or happen. It takes work it takes time and dedication without getting distracted by all the shiny things or the wondering of what if.

Teach yourself to get away from the places that are going to trigger your what if’s or that might break your consistency. Become focused and shut down the shiny objects. You have to put the blinders on and you have to really connect to yourself — Know what is it that you’re going after, what is your vision, your deep why, your true core desire.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Get away from this idea. It’s so crucial to put on the blinders and stop following all these other people or society because if you’re constantly following other people you’re going to easily let your desire get off track. You are going to see something else that you think you should try or do. You have to find your own ability and way to cut out the distractions and be focused. Find that little focus button in yourself and turn it on because no one’s going to come in and turn it on for you.

No one’s going to come and give you a package full of patience and a package full of consistency — that package doesn’t exist. So you have to do it for yourself.

Consider the facts that I shared. Consider that you have to keep going, you have to keep showing up, and you have to let go of these shiny objects. You have to put your own blinders on and get and stay focused.

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