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What You Can Learn from Tupac

Whether you were East or West Coast or not into the hip hop culture / music in its hay days — chances are you KNOW Tupac. 20 years ago today he died. Time flies. I can’t believe it has been that many years since the late 90s.

Here we are 20 years later and Tupac is still recognized globally.

Why I’m talking about Tupac today.

One is frankly pretty obvious. It being the fact that it is the day that 20 years ago a legend died — regardless of your musical preference.

Two being that music is super super important and has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. I remember my first walkman. My first boombox. My first Discman. My first ipod (the OG one guys). Songs have this magical way of making me remember different snapshots, people, and experiences in my life. As I’m sure is the same for you. Songs can stir up a lot for people.

I have always had quite the eclectic taste in music…I literally listen to what some might deem as a weird mixture of genres. I also literally can’t work or walk in silence so I always have Spotify in my earbuds if I’m not talking. Same goes for when I’m working all day. I need the noise and it fuels me a lot just like it inspires me. Inspiration can come from so many places…Be open to that in your own life. What inspires you?

Three we go into the title of this piece what can you learn from Tupac? Being a fucking human. I had NPR playing in the background early this morning as I was getting ready to start my day and they were discussing what it was that made Tupac have such a legacy and to be globally recognized. What was that?

To sum it up it was that Tupac was REAL.

He was honest.

He was vulnerable.

He showed his own experiences through his music. People connected to him. He connected with people.

“He talks about violence, he talks about drugs, he talks about his mother’s drug addiction, he talks about poverty. He talks about his own contradictions. You get vulnerability, you get an exploration of manhood from different angles, even admitting all of his many mistakes … And so those things, that kind of honesty — which is so rare for a lot of people — made him someone who became a touchstone for folks’ lives. And that’s why they responded to him, and still do.” via NPR

We need to be human beings. Really. Not some fake bs that you think is how you should show up “online” or in your daily interactions. Through showing up as yourself — fully — raw — real — honest — you never know who you will touch. Who might connect or feel inspiration or motivation. You never know what you might do by daring to be the one that decides to show up truly real without filters, perfect presence, diction, branding, etc. etc. etc. I am just one person but I show up completely raw, real, honest and as myself. It might not be “strategic” or for everyone but I can’t operate any other way but as myself. I encourage you to stop trying to be perfect and to let go of trying to come off a certain way…you don’t need to get the perfect clothes, makeup, body, lighting, audience, etc.

JUST BE YOU. As together or not together as you find yourself. 
It’s needed.

I just started to do FB Live on the daily (cuz a 7 day a week podcast just wasn’t enough) where yup I show up real raw and as myself (ain’t no other way) and I jammed on perfectionism yesterday. Make sure to join us in the Rebel Crew to get in on these live streams.

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