Will 2017 Be YOUR Year? How Bout Now?

What are you sitting there wishing you HAD accomplished this year? Did you not quite kill 2016? Did you find yourself having a difficult time being consistent? What are your big dreams, goals, projects that got put off? Only now with Baby New Year creeping in the shadows (you put your head down cuz you are embarrassed and kind of pissed) are you realizing that maybe just maybe 2017 will be your year.

I call bullshit.

Really though.

Time and time again. Year after year. The same stuff starts popping up.

This year sucked.

I am SO going to make this new year MY year.

These last 11 months already didn’t go as I planned so meh bring on the gifts and booze and reindeer and the dreidel.

Why pack it in and just let these next days of December pass.

Rather than slow down and give up til after the ball drops?

Make it fucking New Years NOW.

What are you going to start doing?

What will you dedicate to?

What will you do?

So, maybe you had all these ideas and plans to start a podcast (cuz yeah everybody wants to but no one wants to be consistent, pay the hosting, buy the equipment, do the work)

Maybe you were going to write your freaking book this year and you gave up after 1000 words.

Maybe you were going to start a FB group.

Maybe you were going to go all in with drop shipping.

Maybe you were gonna redo your website.

Maybe just maybe you were going to finally be consistent with your newsletters (oh sorry I haven’t written in awhile) with your social (oh hey Facebook page remember me) or maybe you were going to actually figure out Snapchat or IG stories…

Allow me to smack your maybes in the face.

Maybes are lame. And they smell just like excuses.

Times change. But maybes and excuses and falling off are always the same.

Think back to the last few Decembers of your Facebook.

Everybody always posts that silly meme that says something to the tune of …

2015 was practice

2016 was warm up

2017 is GAME TIME

Everybody likes to spit this out yet flash forward 365 and we see the same BS a year later.

SO, are you going to just sit on your loins and pass the egg nog or are you going to decide to really kill your 2016 rather than wait for January 1.

Don’t be one of those people that just puts their head in their hands and sips all the wine and just lets 2016 fade.

Hit that little green heart, if you dig this. I appreciate you for reading my words. For taking those few minutes out of your day.

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