You Signed Up

Creation flows when you don’t force it. Just let it pour from every ounce of you and don’t second guess yourself, edit yourself, stop yourself from hitting send, pushing publish/post or opening your mouth and saying what needs to be said. Your hands and your voice and your presence are your soul’s instrument to get the droplets of your innermost power out. Don’t quiet the shadow, the dark breathes light for another. Let your soul out my darlings.




I heal through my own healing.

My sheer presence can heal a room, a person, a crowd.

My journey thus far has had more ups and downs/highs and lows sharper than the Stock Market.

I don’t stop. I don’t let failures or haters or utter silence stop or break me. I know what I’m here to do. And not one person, one word, one bruise will stop me.

You see when you fall on your face or when everyone is hurling mud on you, you don’t get afraid easily. So embrace the fails the falls. They are all just apart of the journey to greatness. Run right into the FEAR and tear it apart.

You sign up for the shit the tough times the lessons when you are born because you knew and the “universe” knew that you could handle all of it.

So, bring on the shit. Nothing will crush me that I can’t rise from.

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