Have You Still Been Trying To Meet Women Through The Bar Scene?

Do you find it hard to meet women that match your needs, requirements, and wants in YOUR perfect woman?

If you are like most men then you usually meet women at bars and parties. This can become a regular hangout for picking up women for you and your friends.

The problem with bars is that the women there are expecting to get hit on by not just you, but a lot of different guys. They may pay attention to you for a while but after a few drinks you might catch them on the dance floor in between a few other guys. These girls are mostly looking for fun and excitement and are not necessarily there to met the guy of their dreams.

So don’t get upset when she is not giving you her real number at the end of the night. It’s probably not you but instead it was never her intention to find someone at the bar.

If you find that you are not having success with these women then you may want to consider other avenues to meet women that actually want to meet you! And fortunately the bar is not the only place you that women frequent.

When you start to look elsewhere you know that you are becoming more serious about meeting a woman for a real relationship. And even though it may feel a little weird to not be able to hide behind the drinks, music, and darkness — it may be time to turn the lights on and see what you are really dealing with.

There are many women who are not at these bars but are instead are frequenting other places of life that you probably already frequent. I’m talking about gorgeous and smart women who have also had enough of the bar scene and are looking for someone without their beer goggles on.

So where can you meet women that you can’t seem to find?

One place they may be hanging out, that you may not have thought to look at, is around your network of friends (outside of the regular bar guys). This is a great resource to turn to!

I’m talking about guys at work, social events, and even friends of friends that you talk to every now and again. If you think about your network of people you know then you can imagine how many girl friends each of those individuals have as a network — and so on and so forth. There are endless amounts of women in this vast social network.

All you have to do is start being social and expand your social network — and start hanging out with them when you can. You will make more friends this way (which is a good thing anywase) and you will add onto the guys who can help you meet women right for you!

The advantages to meeting women through your network of friends are:

  • Your friend can introduce you to the women without you having to approach her!
  • Your friend can talk you up and make you look like a great package!
  • If you run out of things to talk about you will always have a common place to go to (your friend).
  • Your first few encounters will be with that friend so awkwardness will be thrown out the window !
  • You don`t have to stress about the phone number because chances are you will see them again!
  • You get to see her interact with other people in a normal way and figure out who she really is — (No more having to go on a few high pressure dates to figure out whether you like her or not!)

How to get your friends to help you out

First let your entire friend network know that you are on the market and looking to meet women. Almost everyone will be willing to try and bring someone along on your next outing that may be a good match for you.

Make sure you make it clear you don`t want to be set-up on dates, but instead you just want to hang out and meet women that are available.

Also mention to your friends that you don`t really want to be advertised as ‘the friend who is looking to meet women’. This way you avoid the pressure of trying to impress any single females that come along, because you are just hanging out in their eyes instead of trying to meet a woman.

After that it’s up to you to pick a woman who meets your needs and who you will be compatible with.

If you find that your ‘picker’ tends to pick women who are not good for you, and you would rather find a woman for a serious relationship, then you may want to let your friends give you some hints on which women are suited for you and which one’s may break your heart.

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