fantasy writing prompts
fantasy writing prompts
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Looking for epic fantasy writing prompts to inspire your creative mind? This article features 23 real prompts that have been featured in past vignette contests on

What is a Fantasy Writing Prompt and How They Help Your Story

One of the cornerstones of a good fantasy story is creativity and freedom within the writing. No one ever finished reading a novel and said “gee, I love how restricted and boring that story was!”. It just doesn’t happen. Most people who read a fantasy story do so because they want to sample something fantastic and otherworldly, and often the writing process provides the author with a similar experience.

Writing fantasy is like…

Hey there! It’s been awhile since I posted on Medium. But I’ve been active on YouTube recently, and I decided to see what happens when I turn some of my videos into articles. I missed writing here.

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Use these to cut through the noise and learn online marketing quickly

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Are you trying to get started or increase your income as an affiliate marketer? If so, you’re in luck! In this article and the embedded video I’m going to walk you through four of the best affiliate marketing trainings that are available right now in 2020. There are three free webinars that you can check out any time you want, and one reasonably priced training program that I recently started and that I highly recommend.

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Take care — talk soon.

Alex Tucker.

increase blog optins
increase blog optins
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Past a certain point, improving website conversions is mostly about testing.

According to, the average email optin rate is 1.95%. That’s likely true because so many webmasters use popups that are poorly thought out and/or downright ugly. When a bulky square box clunks onto your screen and asks for your contact information in order to “subscribe to my mailing list”, how likely are you to opt in?

On the other hand, if a sleek box slides onto your screen and offers a tasty download that’s relevant to the article you’re reading in exchange for your info… you might just…

You don’t need to publish incessantly to make money online

high volume blogging
high volume blogging
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I’m going to be honest… I’m a little sick of seeing the following advice in popular articles.

“If you write twice as much, you’ll earn twice as much.”

“Platforms like Problogger and Upwork are great places to earn!”

“If you want to succeed as a writer, you need to publish every day.”

The three statements quoted above are not exactly accurate, yet they are frequently parroted across the internet by writers desperate to garner your attention.

I’m a professional writer and marketer, and I make most of my income through content marketing for clients. In order to do that I…

Which is best for YOU?

That’s the question my latest article seeks to answer. If you’re a Medium writer, would you be better off having your own blog instead/as well? Or if you have a blog, should you be focusing more energy on Medium?

In this article I weigh the pros and cons of each platform that I’ve observed over almost a year of using both of them. I break down my income from each platform, as well as the average income that can be earned by most people.

Overall, Blogging vs. Writing On Medium is a pretty quick read with a ton of information packed into it. I hope you find it helpful!

Take care — talk soon.

Alex Tucker.

My thoughts on this showdown after nearly a year of testing both

blogging vs writing on medium
blogging vs writing on medium
Photo licensed from — taken by Jun Pizon.

If you’re a Medium writer thinking of starting a self-hosted blog, or a blogger thinking of starting on Medium, this article may help you make your decision. It’s also intended to provide assistance to writers who are considering both platforms and can’t decide where to start.

Let’s jump right in.

In March 2020 my blog out-earned 5 months of Medium writing in 3 days…

But it took a year, almost to the day, for my blog to start earning money on its own.

That might seem like a long time, but a number of factors slowed me down:

  • It was…

Tips and insights for crafting the world of your dreams

worldbuilding guide for fantasy
worldbuilding guide for fantasy
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Worldbuilding is one of the practices of fiction writers that makes their stories so rich and compelling. While any kind of fiction writing could technically include a world building aspect, it is most commonly used and thought of in fantasy and science fiction. This article will teach you how to get started creating a world using a series of guidelines created by Brandon Sanderson.

What is Wordbuilding in Writing?

It is the art of crafting a world or universe before beginning to write the actual story. This is the stage where settings, flora and fauna, and characters can be created and developed.

Famous fantasy and…

A short work of fantasy about gods and mortals

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Link to Part 1

A soft blue light bathed Breaker’s body, and as he stood he realized it was the sun. Or was it the moon? He could not be certain. The sun’s radiance would not have allowed him to look straight at it… and yet, the moon had never seemed so large. Whatever celestial orb it was, it shone its aquamarine glow down on everything beneath. Gingitsu stood nearby, looking back over a shoulder with a tail stroking his chin.

“Welcome, Breaker, to the Realm of the Thaynes!
Let us hurry; to be here gives me pains.”

The fox…

Alex Tucker

Finding passion amidst the pain, creating content for your brain. — my posts may contain affiliate/referral links.

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